I was born on September 21, 2012
with Spinal Muscular Atrophy of the first type, but my parents learnt this eleven months later. Since then, they do all kinds of exercising with me. What do I say to them? "Don't do!"

Any other illness is dangerous for me because I do not have enough strength to overcome it. When I have a cold, I am not strong enough to
expectorate effectively. Luckily, I have still enough strength to be able to swallow and breathe by myself. Browse through my website and set up RSS feeds be in the picture!


13/11/2014 00:28
Last month we received Upsee. Marketa Hanzlickova and her friend Alice visited us as...
28/09/2014 14:25
Tomorrow we have a special appointment in our hospital. Bozhenka´s measures will be taken for her...
27/09/2014 12:47
We were in Antalya for 10 days. Bozhenka really loved that. It was a very successful trip because...
07/09/2014 22:34
I was asking for them for nearly a month!  You can see more here!
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