And home...

22/07/2015 11:51

Firstly, I would like to thank to all of you who made our trip to the conference in the USA possible. Either by making a donation to my account, with which we paid for the conference and the accomodation, or by paying for our plane tickets or by letting us stay at your house during our travels.

In the past months several people contributed us and we are thank all of them very very much. The next direct investment will be into the verticalization device which most probably our insurance company will not reimbursed. At the conference we were convinced that it is an important part of my rehabilitation. We also got Headpod there. My dad will place it on my yellow wheelchair, for which we need to get a better seating system, because the current one is really unsuitable for me...

The way back home was long. After seeing the geysers, more amazing animals, we set out for the 7-hour long drive to the motel near the airport. On our way we saw the formation of a tornado. Only thanks to my aunt´s ringing phone, we learnt about it. They recommended to leave the area or to find a shelter. We could see from our window the rotating clouds on the right side, so we persuaded dad to drive away fast. In the evening we stopped for a swimming and picknick dinner in the park at Lava Hot Springs.

The flight was all right, but the security guard at the airport in Salt Lake City did not make it easy for us. They called some sort of alarm at us because we had two strollers and many of my important little bottles with liquids. We confused them so much that they cheked us probably three times. They forbade mom and dad to carry me and I was really tired. They are no friends of mine, that is for sure!

I caught some illness on the way home, so I had to be home with high fever. I could not do anything else than watch some movies. Borik runs outside and I have to be at home. At least, I got the DVD with Pipelota the Long Stocking and Mr. Nelson on my shoulder. When I get better, I will take him and we will go with dad to take a ride in a ballon, just like Pipi flies...



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